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15 Aug 2013- Elan Home Systems has announced they are now using the Only One Remote database in the latest version of their "g!" series integration software.

2 Apr 2012- Only One Remote is very pleased to announce that Remote Technologies Inc. has selected the O1R IR database for use with the newly released Pro Control product line. RTI has created a whole new line of remotes and control processors aimed at the customer who seeks a powerful remote control option at a more affordable price.

4 Dec 2010- We have refrained from comment concerning the decision by Philips to discontinue the Pronto line of remotes. It was our hope that discussions with other parties might yield a new owner and that Pronto might be able to continue in some capacity. It is now our belief that this outcome is unlikely. Only One Remote will continue to support the Pronto products going forward and all of our customers should not expect anything different from us regarding Pronto support. We are of course deeply sad to see this outcome. Pronto defined the category of affordable touch screen remote controls and were responsible for many cutting edge innovations throughout the past decade. It is indeed a tragic loss to see this fine product line be abandoned! We would like to thank all those at Philips for the close support they have always extended to us and for the wonderful products that they created over the years. It has been a pleasure and an honor to have worked so closely with them.

23 August 2010- The final release of the O1R database is available for download on the Philips database page.

27 Feb 2010- The List has been updated with a number of new products. Please be to sure to consult our control ratings on the list as an important guide to consider when purchasing new products. Many of the control issues that we frequently run into can be avoided by checking here before making a buying decision!

24 Jan 2008- We have posted a new section on the website called "The List". The information in this area is being provided to illustrate how each home theater component manufacturer measures up when it comes to remote control integration and so we have assigned a control rating to each company accordingly. We intend to keep this information up-to-date on an ongoing basis to provide a product reference for those who are concerned about getting the best possible results from their remote control.