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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I really operate my entire system with one remote?

A. Yes you can. Only One Remote has worked for years to refine a system that makes it very easy to control the activities in your system. In fact, we strive for “one button” control of all activities.

Q. What do you mean by activities?

A. An activity is a task you want your system to perform. For example watching live TV is an activity. If you press the Watch Live TV button on your remote, it will turn on your TV, your receiver, your cable or satellite box, switch the system to the proper inputs and modes and you can begin to watch your favorite channel. Other activities would include such commands as: Watch DVD, Listen to CD, Listen to Radio, and so forth. In each case the remote is programmed to perform the proper series of instructions that are required to make each of these things happen.

Q. I have a DVR. Will that be included in the system?

A. Certainly. We call that activity, “Watch My Shows”. The difference here is that your display will be directed to the DVR menu showing you the programs you have recorded. The remote interface will provide you with the appropriate buttons - permitting you to select the show you want to see and begin playing it.

Q: What do you mean by “one button” control? This all sounds too easy. Are there times you can’t do that?

A. Not all equipment has all the codes necessary to control your system the way it should be. Often there are “work-a-rounds” we know about to provide the best possible result. We deal with these situations on an individual basis, but in every case, we do our utmost to provide a seamless configuration.

Q. I looked at the order form on your web site. It’s very long! Do you really need that much information? Besides, I don’t think I understand it all.

A. All of the information that we are asking for on the form is important to get the final result you want. If you need assistance completing the form we will be happy to help. Please call us for assistance.

Q. Most of my local channels are in Hi-Def now. Will they be included?

A. Yes. We have an extensive channel logo library. If your local region is not in our library, we will create them for you at no additional charge.

Q. I see that you program several different remotes. How do I know which is the right one for me?

A. We will be happy to assist you with selecting the best remote. Feel free to call us with questions about specific products that you are considering. Each product has its specific strengths which may make it the best choice in your particular case.

Q. Are there any drawbacks to using a single remote to operate a system?

A. No. In fact it’s preferable for several reasons: First, anyone in your house, family or guest, will be able to operate the system. Second, we limit access to the menu functions that will alter the way your system has been set up thereby preserving the original programming. Third, because we build the configuration for your system and your specifications, it is customized to you and your family. We strongly advise removing the batteries from the existing remotes before you put them away. This is to avoid any damage that might occur if the batteries become old and start to corrode.

Q. You say that you customize remotes. Exactly what do you mean?

A. We build a program for your remote to operate your system. We add to this custom features like channel logo pages with your name on a page containing the channels you have requested. We build a custom Music page that has your favorite music channels. We can accommodate color preferences and an individual title for your home page. We can include family pictures, pet photos, college logos, team logos or just about anything you can imagine. We will work with you every way possible to get the result you want.

Q. What if I already own a remote that is not included in the group that is shown on your website? Can you program it?

A. We have selected the remotes that you see on our site for good reasons. We have thoroughly tested these remotes for their reliability and dependability and we have found these products to the best in their price range.

Q. I see that you only program touch screen remotes- why?

A. A touch screen remote is the only type that allows us to “spell it out” for the user. With a touch screen, the buttons do exactly what they “say” they do. The user does not need to know how the system works only what they want to do, “Watch Live TV” or “Watch DVD”, etc.

Q. Can I purchase just the remote from you?

A. We do not sell remotes without programming. Often touch screen remotes end up getting returned because they do not get programmed properly. This is a purchase that people tend to have high expectations for. When you spend several hundred dollars on a remote you have a right to expect it to do the job! If we program the remote, we are confident that you will be happy with the result. Remember, it’s the result that you are ultimately concerned with. We are not just selling remotes, we are selling a solution.

Q. I have purchased a new Universal MX3000 and wish to have you program it for me- where can I get the software I will need to download your programming into the remote?

A. First, open the battery compartment and note the serial number of the remote. Then go to this page to register your purchase.

Q. I see that you do not sell the RTI remotes- why is that?

A. RTI makes excellent products but unfortunately, the editor software is not made available to the public. This makes it difficult to support since Only One Remote cannot simply email changes to end users. It would be necessary for the remote to travel back to us for any changes or corrections that need to be made. However Only One Remote does have a network of dealers that we work with and one may be close to you. If you are interested in this product, please contact us for more information.

Q. How much time does it take to get a configuration from you?

A. An emailed delivery is usually in 5 to 7 business days from the date the deposit is taken. This time can vary a bit depending on the complexity of your system but you will be informed of that prior to the deposit being accepted. A “Short Notice” delivery date is available depending on our calendar and the complexity of your system. There is an extra fee for this. The deposit is a non refundable 50% of the cost. The remaining 50% of the balance is due within 10 business days of delivery of your configuration.

Q. How do I pay you for this?

A. We accept Checks, American Express, Master Card, and Visa. Keep in mind that paying with a check will extend the delivery date as we wait on the mail and the bank.

Q. What is the process to place an order with you?

A. The process is as follows:

  1. You submit a work order.
  2. We review the work order for any questions and send you an email and/or call you to get clarification on any questions and on any special graphics request.
  3. We send you the completed work order to proof for any discrepancies, the Estimate for your approval, and request permission to take the deposit. Once the deposit is received, we schedule you for a delivery date.
  4. You will receive the configuration (depending on file size) via email or instructions on where to download on or before the scheduled date.
  5. We will contact you in two or three days for the final payment due on your Invoice.

Q. What happens if some of the buttons do not work properly?

A. We will provide you with the necessary Tech Support required. You are responsible for contacting us within a reasonable time frame with a “punch list” of the malfunctioning buttons. We suggest that you take pen to paper and make a list as you are sitting in front of your system with the remote testing each and every button for accuracy. Remember that it is better to do this sooner than later because it will be fresh in our minds. A month from now ….. not so fresh.

Q. Why do I have to provide my full address and phone numbers? Do you share this information with any other company?

A. No, we have never shared any information with another company. We have no intention of ever sharing our customer’s information with anyone for any reason. We need your street address and zip code to access your channel lineup information from your local Cable or Satellite provider. We need your phone numbers in case we run into a question while we are building your configuration and need to contact you. Your personal information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.