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Too Many Remotes?

  • Do you have to use more than one remote control to watch TV?
  • Is there only one member of the family that knows how to operate the system?
  • What happens when someone accidentally pushes the wrong button and suddenly the screen goes blank?
  • Did a salesperson tell you that it would be easy?
  • Did they suggest buying a separate remote
    that could make it so?
  • Is that remote control sitting on the coffee table next to all the others because it wasn't programmed to do the job you had hoped it would?

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If this sounds familiar....
We have very good news - We can solve the problem!

Only One Remote offers custom programming and design services that will move your Home Theatre and Home Entertainment Systems to one, workable remote that can be easily used by the whole family. Remote Control Programming is our business, and we can absolutely promise you that if you really want to solve this problem once and for all- you've found the solution.

Only One Remote supports the Philips Pronto family of remotes, all of the touchscreen models produced by RTI, and two models from Universal Remote.

Only One Remote configurations are activity based so that anyone can operate the system. All of our programming is designed to allow any user to operate the system. You simply push a button labeled "Watch Television" and it happens! Everything turns on and switches to the proper settings every time. The remote will then display a new page with your chosen channel logos. Press a logo and go to that channel. When you are finished using the system there's always an "OFF" button right there. Simply press off and the system shuts off. It doesn't get any easier than this.

Only One Remote understands the Home Theater business, and after many years of experience we have found that system control is one of the biggest complaints that customers typically express after purchasing a system. Many members of the household are unable to fully enjoy the investment they have made because they are intimidated by the bewildering array of buttons required to make the thing work. All of our configurations are created individually for each customer. We guarantee our work completely. We do not have one single unsatisfied customer and have hundreds of users in the field.

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